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certified and forensic tax expert

Please, let me introduce myself, I am Lea Kneitner, certified economist, chartered accountant, forensic and certified tax expert, and auditor candidate. I speak English fluently and German at native level.

Primarily I deal with tax advisory services covering all types of taxes relating to complex international transactions of domestic and international large companies, transfer pricing documentations, full tax reviews, representation of companies at tax authority and taxation related legal duties. On a weekly bases I publish several professional articles in well-known professional newspapers, update the content of textbooks and on a monthly bases I perform presentations about a wide range of taxation and accounting related current topics.

I do believe only in hard and humble work because only this can create real value.

In my own company, in Tilea Consulting Ltd. I represent the same professional values. I perform all the tasks assigned to me in such a professional manner that it does not matter whoever picks it up, the CEO, the head of finance, the accountant or the auditor, they will surely know from the quality of its content and form that this was prepared with outstanding knowledge and due diligence. I make real efforts to make sure that all my tasks, presentations, and the image of my company reflect the professional values I consider essential.

My clients already know what this complex knowledge can provide them. They are fully aware of that unlike many others I am not just talking about the outstandidng quality but I prove it every day saving them time, money and energy since they recieve the brief, accurate, precise and practical answers with full professional insights from a single source, as a complex solution what they cannot receive from too many service providers with the same form and quality in Hungary. Probably the most important guarantee for my clients is that the completions of the tasks assigned to me are always my personal performance. According to the values I represent I like to work only for those companies who pay special attantion to the professional standards.

It makes me really happy that almost everyone who I have ever co-operated or worked with returns to me regulary and asks for my opinion about major economic transactions or actual accounting and taxation related questions.

I strongly believe that with my attitude and experise within this profession I represent a line which seems to be extinct in recent times. Almost everyone would like to seem to be large and international while we may forget about how many things a real expert is capable to do. I cannot emphasize it enough that we choose always specialist and not consulting company.

I recommend myself:

Lea Kneitner
forensic and certified tax expert


Period: 1998-2002

Institution: German National High School, Budapest

Qualification: Bilingual graduation, DSD monolingual language exam, German Type C upper level language exam

Period: 2002-2006

Institution: BGF College of Finance and Accountancy

Qualification: Diploma, financial specialization, profession tax-levy, German Professional upper level language exam, English Type C intermediate language exam

Period: 2006

Institution: BGF College of Finance and Accountancy

Qualification: Certified accountant

Period: 2008

Institution: Hungarian Chamber of Auditors Education Center

Qualification: Tax advisor

Period: 2010

Institution: Penta Unió

Qualification: Certified Tax Expert – international taxation

Period: 2010

Institution: Hungarian Chamber of Auditors

Qualification: Certified Auditor (expected completion 2014)

Period: 2012

Institution: Hungarian Chamber of Auditors Education Center

Qualification: Certified Tax Expert – VAT

Period: 2013

Institution: Ministry of Justice

Qualification: Forensic Tax Expert




  • VAT causes huge headaches for those who ask: property or project company to buy?
  • Shocking changes of Rules on Taxation! The government goes against the EU

MAY 2014

Verlag Dashöfer:

  • Apartment rental in personal income tax return
  • Accounting and taxation of companies with sites in different countries
  • Issues with transfer pricing documentations prepared subsequently
  • Tax context and optimization of environmental fee and VAT
  • Accounting treatment and tax optimization of tangible assets

APRIL 2014

Verlag Dashöfer:

  • Housing assistance in personal income tax system
  • Accounting of corporate income tax related transfer pricing corrections
  • Changed rules of environmental protection product fee
  • Bad debts in the aspect of taxation
  • Accounting differences of foreign workers

Menedzser Praxis:

  • Transfer pricing of organizational restructuring

  • How can we check the proposed 1% tax via electronic interface?
  • Can I still offer my 1% tax after the deadline of the declaration?
  • For what can the beneficiar organisation use our 1% tax offered?
  • How can we individuals make sure that our 1% personal income tax was allocated to right place?
  • How can individals perform tax optimization with offering our 1% tax?
  • How will self-revision affect our 1% tax proposed?
  • In case of employer tax return What can I do if my 1% tax declaration is missed?
  • Conscious taxpayer – replacement options and deadlines for 1% tax declaration
  • Private entrepreneur and the 1% tax offer
  • Expats and the 1% tax offer

MARCH 2014

Verlag Dashöfer:

  • Tax-free investments for employee
  • Contexts of triangular transactions, chain transactions and reverse charge
  • The importance of conditional tax assessment
  • Reviews of income and wealth
  • Cost accounting of foreign expats – advance payment, travel order

Menedzser Praxis:

  • Registered tax subjects of VAT


Verlag Dashöfer:

  • Transfer pricing related tax optimalization at the beginning of the year
  • Changes of personal income tax in 2014
  • Importance of the advanced price agreement comparing to the  prelimiray tax ruling
  • Free cash withdrawals
  • Tax numbers registered in different countries, handling of  foreign VAT registration in accounting


Book updates:

  • The payroll
  • Tax tricks


Menedzser Praxis:

  • Legal cases of value added tax


Verlag Dashöfer::

  • Equipment without operator part 1.
  • Equipment without operator part 2.
  • Not-paying-buyer, what can be done from tax point of view? part 1.
  • Not-paying-buyer, what can be done from tax point of view? part 2.
  • Interpretation of tax account


Menedzser Praxis:

  • Flat tax system



Company: Tilea Consulting Ltd.

Seat: 2318 Szigetszentmárton, Ifjúság street 9.

Phone: +36-30-635-5022

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